Events and Activities FAQ

What happens once I submit my application?

  • All applications will be reviewed and you will be notified in October as to whether your proposal has been shortlisted. If successful, we will require further information from you such as a certificate of currency for insurance, any permits if applicable, operational plan and other relevant information prior to negotiating a contract and permit for the event.

How are activities and events assessed and chosen?

  • Each application will be assessed against the following criteria:
    • Safety: Safety is the number one concern for all events to be held at the Festival.
    • Entertainment: The Festival will look for events that are entertaining, engaging and unique.
    • Fit with Festival program and surrounding activities: Events at the Festival need to fit in with overall programming, and collectively provide a cohesive line-up. (Please note: the Festival focuses on Australian programming and content.)
    • Minimal impact to the environment: Events need to give consideration to the environment both directly in the space they are working in, and indirectly to wider considerations such as energy, water usage and carbon offsetting.
    • Experience: The organisers’ experience and capacity to produce the event.
    • Space required: Although St Kilda is large, space at the Festival is limited. We won’t be able to fit everyone in, so please consider your footprint.

Will the Festival fund my event or activity?

  • The Festival is unable to fund events and activities – all events must be able to be produced at the Festival independently. An exception is community groups within the City of Port Phillip, who may be eligible for assistance with event costs. More information is available HERE.

Can I seek sponsorship for my event or activity?

  • Yes. However you must gain sign off from the Festival office on all potential sponsors, and the only benefit permitted is signage within your site. Please contact the Festival Office if you require further benefits for your sponsors (note this may not be possible, or a fee may be charged).

Can live or recorded music form part of my activity?

  • Yes, and we welcome all forms of music to the Festival! Note that you will be responsible for any relevant licences such as APRA and PPCA.

Can I apply to be on one of the Festival stages?

  • Most of the stages at the St Kilda Festival are dedicated music stages. If you are a band or musician wanting to perform on stage do not apply as an event – please visit the NEW MUSIC STAGE page. Opportunities for stage performances are otherwise very limited. Those requiring a stage for their performance or activity may be required to self-fund this infrastructure.

Do I need to have public liability insurance?

  • In most cases this is required. If you do not have public liability insurance please contact the Festival Office to discuss.

Can I charge an entrance fee for my event or activity?

  • St Kilda Festival values open and accessible entertainment, so preference will be given to events that do not charge admission. Please note commercial activities that charge admission fees to the audience may be charged a site fee.

What if I need a venue for my event or activity?

  • If your event requires an indoor venue it is your responsibility to find the venue and negotiate hire terms with the venue themselves. The Festival can assist with venue suggestions if assistance is required.

Can I apply for a licensed event or activity?

  • As part of planning and operations for the wider Festival, activities that require a licensed area as part of their program will not be permitted. The Festival does however operate several licenced areas onsite, so please specify if you would like to be located in one of these areas.

Why do you collect my contact details?

  • The Festival collects personal information about you to enable you to participate in this application process but no further use of this information will be made without prior consent or unless otherwise stated within the form.