Alice Skye Anderson

Alice Skye is an Aboriginal Australian singer/songwriter originally from Horsham, Victoria and now based in Melbourne.

Bart Willouhgby

Bart Willoughby’s musical career began in 1978 when he pioneered a distinctive Indigenous Australian music sound, a fusion of Jamaican reggae with traditional Indigenous influences.

Birds Of Prey

Come face to face with an exquisite eagle, owls or falcon and learn about these magnificent creatures. 

Circus Oz

Learn to juggle, hula-hoop and more! For ages 7+ with Circus Oz trainers. Circus fun for everyone!

Giant Seagulls

The Seagulls are disturbingly real, ever so cuddly, but keep an eye on your fries, they are ever so fond of them!

Indigenous Youth Projects: Hip Hop Workshop

Two thirty-minute high-energy workshops will be facilitated.

Monica Weightman

Monica Weightman came to Melbourne in her 20s and studied jazz for a while before joining an all-girl trio. 


PHILLY, 23, was born in the golden era of hip-hop in 1991. By the age of four his older brothers had a huge collection and all he ever listened to was hip-hop.

Scott Darlow

Scott Darlow is a Melbourne based singer, songwriter guitar player and didgeridoo player. Darlow's first album "Be With You" was released in 2003 with his band at the time The Darlow Show

Tammy Anderson is an award winning actor and playwright. Winning recipient of The Uncle Jack Charles Award and The Uncle Bob Maza Award she is a proud Palawa woman from Tasmania.

Yarn Strong Sista Face Painting

Children can have their face painted with a range of Indigenous animals, tracks and symbols in the significant of colours of the Aboriginal flag.

Zenedth Kes Les

Zenedth Kes Les is the brilliantly enchanted melodic duet from the eastern islands of the Torres Strait Islands.