Sunday 10 Feb 2019


POOKIE has been known for her live performances accompanied by her 5-piece band, often remembered as ‘communal ritual’, culminating a following of others connecting through her self-expression.

She has also gained recognition featuring in music and visuals that are forming the current presence of national artists reaching International success; Sampa The Great, Remi, Kaiit, Nfa Jones, Mwanje Tembo and fashion stylist Ntombi Moyo.

Currently producing the auditory experience to her upcoming EP, she is composing a body of work that stimulates an uncustomary sound.

The reality and base content of POOKIE’s lyrics parallel the experiences lived as an East African woman. Her music covers delicate content such as race, violence and femininity, dynamically felt in the zealous energy of her production. POOKIE is creating compositions of hard hitting bass and soul vibrating rhythms, laced with her complex yet simplistic euphonious cadence.

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