Sunday 10 Feb 2019


A 17-year old doofus brain that’s highkey in love with speaking rhythmically (mostly aggressively but sometimes melodically) over his own beats. He still goes to school averaging a cheeky A+ in lunch time goofs but an unlucky B- in the social hierarchy. If you asked him how his day was he would probably say it’s good btw.

Boler Mani has thrilled the Melbourne Scene by turning a humble Frankston bar into an adrenaline-soaked riot, leaving people in shock that it was his first ever live performance. His music has been picked by notable Spotify playlists such as “Beat n’ Bars” & “All Aussie Hip-Hop” and also Apple Music’s “The New Australia”. With a premiere on FBI radio and many reviews on his Triple J Unearthed page, you shouldn’t be sleeping on Boler Mani right now. This is the future.

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