The Tommyhawks

The Tommyhawks are a four lasses who explode with gutsy, saxy blues-fueled songs. Their music finds that sweet spot between rollicking folk melodies and downright hard-driving, punk-infused blues. Formed in 2014 they've supported  Courtney Love, played Hidden Treasures Festival, Bridgetown Blues Festival,  Nannup Music Festival and will be appearing at Mitchell Creek Rock 'n' Blues Festival, Narooma Festival and Jungle Love later in the year. Full of more collective energy than a bunch of year ones on excursion to the zoo, be prepared for one-part delicate, nine-parts hair raisingly raw vocals, deliciously melodic bass which is more in the pocket than your grannies hankie, dirty sax and distorted hooks that'll haunt you for days.


Sunday 14 February 2016


3.20pm - 4pm


New Music Stage