Timmy Knowles

Timmy Knowles

Since returning to Melbourne late in 2013, Timmy Knowles has proven himself an artistic force to be reckoned with. After 10 years of work, study and self discovery in the UK and various other European countries, he has returned a seasoned professional as hungry and creatively ambitious as ever. His life and personal experiences to this point have been astonishing to say the least: receiving a Commendation Of Bravery Award from London Police and in 2011 being kidnapped and held hostage in Southern England to name but a few. These events have done a lot to reveal his resilience and unshakable determination. Dedicating his entire life to the creative process, he considers all these experiences as simply 'water for the well'.


Sunday 14 February 2016


3pm - 3.40pm


Belford Street Sounds