Street Theatre

Grub Theatre    
12pm – 1pm, 5pm – 6pm
Utopian Urban Reef Garden:

The fish have come to St Kilda! After successfully taking up residence in the Docklands they have set their sights on the happening St Kilda Streets. Why live in the water, when you can live near the water? Come and see the fish set up their 'Utopian Urban Reef Garden', bringing the best of the sea to Shakespeare Grove. From 12pm the fish will spend an hour setting up the perfect garden that reminds them of home but fits in perfectly to the St Kilda landscape - but they need your help! Come and join in the activities with the fish or watch from afar. Everyone is welcome. "

Opal Ocean        
1pm – 1.45pm
Opal Ocean is an instrumental acoustic guitar duo that formed in the heart of Melbourne in late 2014. With a unique blend of Spanish guitar techniques, progressive rock melodies and fast paced rhythms, Opal Ocean is capturing audiences and making waves across the Australian music scene.

Alejandro Leonian          
2pm – 2.50pm
Alejandro Leonian, currently residing in Melbourne, is a magician from Buenos Aires, Argentina. He's been an entertainer for more than 14 years and has travelled to 3 continents with his magic show. A sleight of hand close-up magic show which is lots of fun, that's what he has in store for us!

Benny Blitz        
3pm – 3.40pm, 4.20pm – 5pm
In the cozy country town of Armidale, NSW, Benny learned to juggle from his primary school teacher. He quickly discovered that people would pay loose change to watch an 11 year old juggling on the street. Eventually, as his beard began to grow, he couldn't get by anymore just on cuteness. He decided to lock himself away until he could juggle 7 balls. After 19 grueling years of sweat and solitude, he still can't juggle 7, but he can at least ride a massive unicycle while juggling 3 machetes. Oh, and he does kids & adult parties & corporate shows too now:


Sunday 14 February


12pm - 6pm


Shakespeare Grove