Lepers And Crooks

Lepers And Crooks

Lepers and Crooks are a five piece rock outfit from Australia made up of Sam Baker (vocals), Pat Reuter Town (rhythm guitar and vocals), Alex Court (lead guitar), Nick Burg (bass) and Damien Jones (drums). Their big rock sound is heavily influences by classic rock and psychadelic sounds but with a few mixed modern flavours that make Lepers and Crooks a rather different listen than most rock bands today. It began with a teenage brotherhood that grew member by member, as school mates they had a passion for music and getting away from the grind of the outside world to create their own universe of sound and camaraderie.They played music in different arrangements and it wasn't until 2012, a couple of years out of graduating high school that Lepers and Crooks formed as it is today.


Sunday 14 February 2016


7.20m - 8pm


New Music Stage