The Harpoons

The Harpoons

When Beyoncé spent a bit of time in North Melbourne, she was probably hoping to catch a little bit of The Harpoons’ magic. The perfect blend of ‘60s pop and sultry beats, these BFFL’s from Australia have the ability to make your soul collapse into your chest one minute, and have you on your feet the next. Making their debut in the UK/Europe in the coming weeks, ‘Ready 4 Your Love’ is an invitation to come and party and embrace the world. 
Following on from their debut album ‘Falling For You’, released on Two Bright Lakes last year, ‘Ready For Your Love’ is the first offering from The Harpoon’s sophomore record. It's the harmonies and undeniable melodies that envelop you when The Harpoons are on stage, one that houses bespoke marimbas and pentatones, deftly handled guitars, and analogue and digital drums like two hearts beating.


Sunday 14 February 2016


7.15pm - 8pm


O'Donnell Gardens Stage