Australia Fair Grand Concert Organ

Australia Fair Grand Concert Organ

“Australia Fair” is a Belgium built traveling Concert Organ built in the workshops of Verbeeck’s Organ Works (Est 1884) in Antwerp. It is the only traveling Concert Organ in Australia and has entertained at all levels from local functions to “Yarralumla” – the residence of the Governor General of Australia.  
There has been a long tradition in England and Europe of having these instruments at local Festivals and Fairs and its fairground music provides a unique traditional carnival atmosphere to events. 
“Australia Fair” has the equivalent sound of a 20-piece band and operates on air pressure generated by a bellows and regulated by a reservoir. The music is played by way of traditional punched cardboard books that are read by the keyframe, which activates valves that in turn cause the organ to play. The organ has some 442 pipes together with drums, cymbals, bells, woodblocks and animated figures.
The organ also has a large library of music covering all types from Strauss to Walt Disney including marches, waltzes, musical theatre, children’s and popular music.


Sunday 14 February 2016


10am - 9pm


Upper Esplanade