Latin Street Carnaval

Latin Street Carnaval, as the name suggests, consists of four Carnaval roving bands marching simultaneously through the Esplanade, between the Latin Quarter and Acland Street.

Inspired by the street Carnaval of Latin America, it celebrates the extraordinary spirit of the continent that is most known for its vibrancy and colour. With a repertoire that spans over 200 recognized genres, the music of Latin America is clearly its most defining cultural trait. Movements such as samba, maracatu, murga and cumbia have attracted worldwide audiences and gathered a huge following in Australia.

The parade features four Carnaval marching bands. Maracatu Estrela do Mar presents an upbeat procession with cheeky lyrics and contagious rhythms.Agobloco presents the popular Marchinhas from the 1920s to the 1960s. Murga brings a noisy, joyous, and at times irreverent celebration of life and La Descarga pays tribute to the music and dance traditions of Cumbia.

Unpretentious, open-minded, lively and fun, Latin Street Carnaval is a reference point for world citizens and lovers of world music and culture.


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  • Time
    5:00 pm - 5:45 pm
    Latin Quarter