8 Bar Iced Coffee - Free Giveaways! | St Kilda Festival
8 Bar Iced Coffee - Free Giveaways!

8 Bar Iced Coffee - Free Giveaways!

8 BAR is iced coffee made with real espresso, not coffee powder. It’s the iced coffee for real coffee lovers.

8 Bar iced coffee comes in a 300mL coffee cup ideal for on the go – simply give it a shake, peel the foil off and secure the lid back on.

It’s available in three varieties: New lactose free Latte, with no added sugar & no sweeteners, Double Shot, with two shots of espresso for those who like a stronger coffee, and new Triple Shot, the first iced coffee with three shots of espresso, for a bigger caffeine hit and taste.

Grab a free 8 Bar iced coffee at the St Kilda Festival!


Sunday 12 February


10am - 5pm


Catani Gardens